How to speed up your website

We discovered a useful social media website called Store Crowd

From their description: StoreCrowd is a Social Engine for sharing your favorite deals. Built lovingly in Melbourne, Australia we are trying to change the way people share great bargains with friends.

See what steps they took to minimize page load time… advanced strategies like:

Speed up the Application / Server

  • Use Fragment Caching on elements that change less frequently
  • Memcache & CacheMoney
  • MYSQL Indexes & Query Optimization
  • Dedicated Database Servers

Reduce Number of Queries

  • Combine Javascript & CSS into a single file & minimize
  • Use CSS Sprites

Reduce the load time elements

  • Make sure Gzip is Enabled on your Server
  • Move 3rd party scripts to the bottom of the page
  • Move all static content to a CDN
  • Compress all images with Smusher


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