You need a shopping cart; here’s what to do

Here is a quick summary of the options available to you, and the decisions you need to make before a development cost can be established:

There are dozens of good solutions, and which to choose depends on a multitude of factors… do you have a site already with a CMS ? do you mind offloading visitors to a 3rd party “hosted storefront” like Shopify, which is a great service…  or do you prefer to keep them on your site throughout the checkout flow?

Is your site running as a self-hosted WP blog, and thus could use an on-site ecomm plugin instead? There are a few popular plugin options for this scenario.

Further, if you already use PayPal, do you want to simply add a Paypal checkout button?

See a site that does this:
You can do this method on both a website or a blogging system.

If yes to Paypal, do you want to continue using PayPal but need a true cart, and want a seamless, integrated checkout flow where the user never leaves your site? Then, we use the PayPal Pro api to make any type of cart system. See my site and go to the online store.

Or, you might want a full-featured shopping cart using a different payment processor, like, and you want it hosted on your own site… ?
or  even

And lastly, how do you handle the backend accounting and inventory management, if at all? Do you need QB integration? (troublesome!)  They need a store like bigcommerce that can send all sales data to QB on a synced basic. But setting up this scenario requires a true QB expert on hand.

The options go on!

In some cases, you may not want to use Paypal, and already have a 3rd-party gateway and merchant service. Therefore, you need a very simple “cart” that does only what you want, that talks to the API (interface) of the gateway.  A common gateway is It has APIs with which you talk to their systems.

Or, you may not have a merchant account yet. In that case, you could use an all-in-one procider like:

And now, we get to the technologies with which your site is coded… php? asp? jsp? python? ruby? We here at PDG&Associates use only php and sometimes python.

For php, there are lots of choices.

For a simple and free one, here’s:
You could modify it as needed to make it work, and a programmer could use it as the basis for a custom solution. And there are probably 100 more carts like it this.

Or with custom programming, we could simply build a tailored solution. Give us a call to make sense of the options!

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