Amazon App store is shooting itself

me: this is a discussion about the Amazon Appstore for Android.

Shailaja: Hello, my name is Shailaja and I’m from the Appstore Team.

me: Hello… I am in the process of deleting my apps from my amazon account, so that I can uninstall the appstore completely…
I do not like how the appstore on the device prevents me from using any “Amazon-bought” app without being signed into the app store.
Why you ask? because my Amazon account password is very long and secure, and it is very painful to type it into the tiny phone screen repeatedly. ouch, a lot of hassle. Why this roadblock?

me: and I do not have the pwd memorized, so I have to stop my attempt and wait til later. over 8 x this week I have tried to use an app — gasbuddy, etc. — and been stymied

Shailaja: I’m very sorry for the inconvenience Paul. It’s for your own account security issues.

Shailaja: If you wish you can change your Amazon password to a shorter one.
I’ve just sent you an email which will help you reset your account password

me: that is bad advice, i’m sorry. NO — this pwd requirement is only serving amazon… not me. it’s my phone and I’m responsible for its security… how could someone using Gasbuddy without an amazon pwd be a harm ?
why on earth can’t ANY app run without being forced to sign into amazon?
google PLAY does not force this… and the sky has not fallen

Shailaja: I’m looking into this, please hold Paul.

me: so why is Amazon so territorial and proprietary?? it’s causing me to leave.
I would rather rebuy everything from PLAY to avoid this issue with Amazon Appstore. AND, furthermore, this behavior is new, with last update it seems… it was not like this before.

Shailaja: Yes, I understand that there is a problem with the newer version of the software.

me: please either make the Appstore remember the pwd, or remove it completely…. yes I can understand that the APPSTORE itself requires a pwd to buy new apps…. but NOT to use the apps I already bought. Google does not do this, that I’ve seen. [ but they do have drm too]

Shailaja: Our technical experts are still working on this on highest priority to fix it as soon as possible.
I totally understand your frustration.

me: Really, there are teams of techies working to fix this? It’s been 3 weeks since I noticed this… Where is the tech note to all users? is there a public link available?

Shailaja: Yes Paul, there is an issue with the new Appstore update.

Shailaja is typing…

me: is it documented publicly in a bug list? so I can find it and review
it is helpful to know these things

Shailaja: Alternatively, please try installing Amazon appstore from any of the below links:

Yes, I understand. Please hold while I check.

me: Reinstalling the appstore will fix this perpetual forced login in order to use any App?

Shailaja: Yes. Reinstall from any of the above links and it would fix the issue.
Above is the amazon appstore issues forum Paul.

me: hmm, i see… it’s being talked about.

Shailaja: It would be fixed very soon Paul. Please give our engineers some time.
The app developers include DRM restrictions.It’s not Amazon Paul.
me: Thank you, Shailaja… this is helpful.

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