Dynamo video rental service

New on-demand video rental platform — new way to offer rentals for your videos.

If you are a video producer, you know it’s been difficult to make money from selling your videos online. Advertising has typically been the only route to monetization.

Enter a new company, Dynamo.

Once Dynamo launches, anyone who owns a video they think people would pay for will be able to rent it to them via Paypal, for whatever amount of time they want, at whatever price they want, with no charges up front. The video owner immediately gets 70 percent of that revenue, while Dynamo will keep 30 percent — simple. Creators can set prices anywhere from $2 to $12 for viewing windows ranging from six hours to seven days.

But the main reason video creators of all stripes, be they independent, pornographic or whatever, might want to use Dynamo’s solution instead of or in addition to YouTube (both contracts are non-exclusive) is that they can control more of the user experience – everything from the domain name to the design of the website where their video appears.

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