Popular Ebook formats

Not interested in a Kindle? Try Ebooks

There are many ebook formats. New services aim to simplify the complexity.

Scribd (website) is a document-sharing social network. Lulu (website) is a user-controlled book publishing service.

Both Scribd and and book publishing service Lulu support multiple devices including PC, smartphones and e-readers, and a variety of formats like ePub and PDF.

You can upload a file in any format and convert it to all other formats. So, your ebook reader and Kindle can both display your digital content.

Twitter Tips: 5 Ways to Get Retweeted

Twitter Tips: 5 Ways to Get Retweeted
Helpful article by the author of The Social Media Marketing Book, Dan Zarrella. #1 – Time and day matter.

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Author Kristin Burnham writes: What makes your tweets worthy of sharing? One Twitter expert explains the time of day when you are most likely to be retweeted, “magic” words and other tips.