Why HTML 5 is not a Flash Killer

Why HTML 5 is not a Flash Killer… or, said another way, why Flash is not going to die.

If you’ve been wondering if Adobe’s multimedia format Flash is in jeopardy (more importantly, whether you should still use it on your website) because of the lack of support from Apple (on the iPhone and iPad), read this good Wired article.

HTML 5’s video embed capability is not ready to replace the Flash swf format. More reading here.

HTML 5 vs Flash — the Shoot-out

HTML 5 vs Flash — the Shoot-out

Readwriteweb talks about how Flash and HTML5 both have performance issues in browsers (mobile and desktop); so why then is Apple so deadset against Flash on the iphone? It frankly annoys us to death here.

Jan Ozer is an expert in video encoding technologies, has worked in digital video since 1990 and is the author of 13 books related to the subject. Recently, he put HTML5 up against Flash in a series of tests that pitted the two technologies against each other on both the Mac and PC and in different web browsers including Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox.