Internet and Design Services

Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi quote about discoveryPDG provides many services involved with creating websites or internet software applications: graphic and interface design, web application development (content management tools, database interactivity, SAAS integrations), SEO, and UX (usability) consulting. We can also coordinate and develop your visual identity with printed materials.

Graphic and interface design
The way in which your company presents itself to the world is critical to its success. In print or online, how you “look” matters a great deal. Good design will accurately convey your company’s professionalism, its personality, and its qualities. Your visual style will distinguish you from the crowd; you do not want a boring design, or one that fails to capture the essence of your business. You want your customers to love your website’s design so that they will enjoy using it and take action!

Web applications
We specialize in building websites that do things – examples include connecting your company data to your website to allow your customers to service their relationship with you, or purchase products from an online store; changing the content (photos and text) of your website yourself with easy-to-use self-service tools (CMS); simplifying complex information into logical and intuitive dashboards for your intranet; integrating your social media presence (Twitter, RSS, other social networks) with your software or website, and more. From online booking tools, to web applications or native apps, we can solve any of your problems and improve the way you do business.

Our web language of choice is PHP, and our favorite database management system is MySQL. We prefer to develop using open-source software as this offers clients the most cost-effectiveness and rapid development cycles. And with a decade of experience in choosing quality web hosting, we have expert recommendations for you for the best providers.

Quality is important to us, and your satisfaction is our top priority!