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A web architect sees the world through two lenses: information that needs structure, and structures that need form. It’s not enough for sites to function well; as I see it, they need to function beautifully.
– Paul D. Gurney, PDG

Welcome to the online base of PDG & Associates, founded by Paul D. Gurney.

We are an experienced team of web software creators, designers, usability advocates, and programmers who build websites of all sizes and types. We specialize in customer-managed, interactive, database-driven websites. Whatever communication technology your business needs, we can create it. As we like to ask, What do you have to say? We’ll help you say it!

The founder and principal is Paul Gurney bio, a “website architect”.

We are proud of the fact that 100% of our clients come to us from referrals. We are obsessed with giving our clients (really, partners) excellent service, and customized web applications that meet their needs.

Feel free to browse the portfolio or see what’s new in our world.

What’s New Blog

Phishing Attacks with Unicode Domains

One more attack vector to be thinking about! From a security perspective, Unicode domains can be problematic because many Unicode characters are difficult to distinguish from common ASCII characters. It is possible to register domains such as “xn--pple-43d.com”, which is equivalent to “аpple.com”. It may not be obvious at first glance, but “аpple.com” uses the …

In the slow lane: the state of Fiber Broadband in Maine

Maine has a three-part internet access problem that is affecting our collective economic prospects. Scarce rural access, slow internet speeds and expensive  data plans are causing us Mainers (and our companies) to not gain the full benefits of modern cloud-computing services and infrastructure—and we are actually overpaying for connectivity, relative to other cities in the USA and even across the world. (Sources.) …

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Simple is hard. Easy is harder. Invisible is hardest.